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Write A New Chapter of Smoking


Heat Without Burning

Heat without burning technology is

acknowledged as the best way to reduce harmful components in tobacco. A technology that the world's major corporations have spent billions of dollars to develop, and ultimately IUOC truly achieves this technology.


Support Regular Cigarettes



Harm Reduction
No Open Flame
No Smoking Ashes
No Addictives
No Smelly Second-hand Smoke
Mellow Taste

IUOC Heat Without Burning

The center temperature of the lit cigarettes can reach 800-900℃. Harmful components starts to occur at the temperature 500℃.The temperature 500-700°C is the temperature that will generate promoting carcinogens.
While,the temperature 700-900°C will generate cancerogens.

The temperature 350°C is considered as the most suitable temperature that can make the cigarette's scents out and let us enjoy the best taste of cigarettes.

However, the fire point of tobacco is approximately 175°C, and how to keep the cigarette won't burn at the temperature 350°C is the technical barrier.For now,only IUOC can achieve this technology and support regular cigarettes.


For now, IUOC is the first heat without burning electronic smoking device can truly support regular cigarettes in market and guarantee the taste.



IUOC has over 40 patents,most of them are invention patents,protected by the globle PCT. The patents can be divided into smoking patent ,heating tube patent and the way of heating patent.


What is



Battery and Circuit Double Protection


20s Preheating Time 3mins35s Smoking Time

High-capacity battery 2900mAh
2A quick charge

Charge once
Use 10 cigarettes


About US

Shenzhen Yukan Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specialized in R&D, production and sales of various innovative products. The company was established in 2017 and located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.


What We Have Done

Launched the epoch-making product with
global invention patent-
IUOC Tar-free Smoking Device

What We Can Do

Deep research of tobacco fission elements
Make countless designs and experiments under
principle of electrical heating and smoking

Who We Are

Adhering to the concept of science and technology
change life, we hope to guide smokers to smoke in a proper way and change the traditional smoking habits

Please email us or leave messages on our wechat official account if
you are interested in our products. We will reply you as soon as possible!

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